CCN 2018 competitions bring in record energy reduction savings

June 28, 2018

Campus Conservation Nationals recently wrapped up it's 6th year in May. Over the course of 3 months this spring, select Lucid customers ran electricity reduction competitions as part of CCN. We expanded the competition field to include several customers who ran less traditional CCN competitions, and are excited to report that collectively, Lucid customers' competitions saved over 1.9 million kWh - yes, that's 1.9 megawatt hours. Combined, these savings offset the equivalent CO2 emissions of 212 homes' electricity use for one year.

During CCN 2018’s competition season, participating organizations hosted building versus building competitions. In each competition employees, students, faculty, and staff competed to reduce energy and water usage in their buildings. Using Lucid’s BuildingOS and Storyboards, participants were able to instantly compare performance, track standings among buildings, and share their strategies for reducing.

For the second time, the CCN 2018 competition was open to all types of organizations instead of just higher education institutions. The variety of organizations that got involved demonstrates the impact that engaging building occupants can have across industries.

And the Winner Is...

We’re excited to announce Dickinson College as the official winner of this season’s CCN competitions (for the second year in a row!) with the greatest percent reduction over a three-week period. Dickinson’s 15 participating buildings averaged electricity savings of over 11%, and every single building reduced its electricity use over the course of the 3-week competition period.

While nearly all participating organizations saw positive savings from their competitions, there are a few other organizations we'd like to give honorable mentions to:

Arlington Independent School District* ran a highly successful Spring Break Shutdown competition. The 79 participating averaged an electricity reduction of 54% over the week-long break, saving over 750,000 kWh cumulatively. One school even cut down its electricity use by 73% - impressive work all around!

LinkedIn ran several successful competitions across their global offices, but in particular their Dublin office saved 15,000 kWh in under two weeks.

Frisco Independent School District* ran a longer-term competition in the fall, saving 1,090,840 kWh across 68 buildings over the course of their 3-month competition.

Gonzaga University once again took the prize for having the most buildings involved, with a whopping 105 participating facilities.

The combined competition results are truly impressive, and are a testament to the essential ‘human’ aspect of energy savings. People often overlook the capacity we have as individuals to reduce resource use in our own buildings, instead focusing solely on the buildings themselves.

"Each competition demonstrates the direct, tangible effect people can have on their buildings’ energy use,” says Ralf VonSosen, VP of Marketing at Lucid. “We're seeing lasting change across our customers' organizations as a result of these short-term competitions, proving how essential building occupants can be to your energy management strategy.”

Congratulations to all the competition participants on a job well done!

* These organizations did not qualify as winners for the spring CCN 2018 competition, since their competitions were either in the fall or did not directly involve occupant engagement.