Make the most of work order and asset data: Introducing BuildingOS Facilities

May 2, 2018

We have worked with hundreds of clients to centralize building operations data. Their biggest frustration is the inability to integrate all of their operations data in a single unified view and find useful insights. Building operators and owners are consistently looking for a complete picture of the true cost of ownership for a system or building, optimal timing to repair or replace equipment, and insights into how maintenance and operations impact performance.

If you operate buildings or need visibility into operating costs and asset conditions for your building portfolio, you’re likely familiar with the frustration of trying to work with several different systems and still being unable to get a clear picture of what’s happening on the ground. Owners and operators want to know how maintenance costs and operating costs correlate. They want to know whether they can avoid the kinds of costs and failures that impact occupants and the bottom line.

The smartest energy and operations managers are looking for opportunities to make more proactive maintenance and investment decisions across a portfolio and get out of the costly cycle of reactive maintenance. Most analyses are cobbled together from multiple sources using old or incomplete data, making it difficult to glean valuable insights.

BuildingOS Facilities allows users to integrate work order and asset data with cost, consumption, and real-time system data to deliver new insights about operations, asset condition, investment planning, and personnel. This new data set offers a comprehensive view into operations across commercial building portfolios to help lower operating costs and increase occupant satisfaction and productivity.

"Lucid has been instrumental in the City of Orlando’s ability to understand the unique types of data necessary to illustrate our total cost of ownership for city facilities," said Ian Lahiff, Energy Project Manager, City of Orlando. "It’s critical we accurately account for inventory and share this information to engage building occupants and residents."

For the first time, building operators can leverage a unified view of their assets, energy, and work order data to:

  • Understand operating trends and asset conditions
  • Analyze the total cost of ownership of your buildings and assets
  • Plan proactively and cost effectively for asset replacement
  • Build the case for better building operating strategies
  • Make more informed procurement decisions

We have listened to our customers. As we continue to extend the capabilities of the BuildingOS platform we see opportunities for customers to push the bounds of how they use building data. More sensors, systems, and software are being deployed every day in the building industry. Our job is to help integrate these data sources to unlock valuable insights. We are excited to continue working with our customers to improve their building portfolio performance.

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