Lucid Announces 2018 Customer Innovation Award Recipients

November 8, 2018

The third annual awards honor Lucid customers who have all demonstrated innovation, leadership, and measurable results with their building optimization strategies. The recipients were honored at the Connected Buildings Summit 2018, taking place this week in San Francisco.

Craft Brew Alliance - The Innovator Award

The Lucid team chose Craft Brew Alliance to win the Innovator award for all the innovative ways they put BuildingOS to work. They've moved beyond electricity data; they also centralize beer production data from 3 facilities to compare with energy data so they can optimize production efficiency. Their team has come up with several creative ways to both set up their BuildingOS data and analyses as well as run their sustainability initiatives. We're particularly inspired by their ‘Treasure Hunts’ for brewery teams to identify low-cost resource-saving measures.

Gonzaga University - The Motivator Award

The Lucid team chose Gonzaga University for the Motivator award for continuing to motivate change on their campus. Their team goes above and beyond when it comes to running effective competitions. It's not just another annual competition - they get creative each year, recognizing that the most effective way to motivate students is to get on their level. This has enabled them to save thousands of dollars in just a few weeks, and successfully build a culture of sustainability on a campus whose students are typically more interested in basketball than the environment.

McKesson - The Optimizer Award

The Lucid team chose McKesson for the Optimizer Award because of the comprehensive results they've achieved across their portfolio. They have 75 zone managers each with their own custom BuildingOS dashboard reports. With so many eyes on their building data, they've been able to find optimizations over and over again. Using a mix of applications, they've discovered scheduling issues in their HQ building, prioritized a massive lighting retrofit to save $1.1 mil, implemented setbacks, fixed broken equipment, and evaluated electricity rates to find $90k savings in one day.

Cushman & Wakefield - The Collaborator Award

The Lucid team chose Cushman & Wakefield for the Collaborator Award because of the approach they take to partnership. Thanks to our partnership with C&W, we've improved how we handle dashboard reports, present data in cards, improve data upload processes, and much more. They've worked with our team to define new features and refine existing ones, and we welcome the willingness with which they've jumped into this partnership.

Stanford University - The Trailblazer Award

The Lucid team chose Stanford University for the Trailblazer Award for their successful efforts in carving out a unique path to meet their impressive goals. They have thousands of points in BuildingOS and are working with our team on one of our newest product features, BuildingOS Facilities, to get work orders and asset data into BuildingOS to truly gain a comprehensive view of building costs. They have lofty energy reduction goals and are getting creative to pioneer approaches to optimize their resource use.

LinkedIn - The Dreamer Award

The Lucid team chose LinkedIn to receive the Dreamer award because they are not afraid to keep dreaming of ways to advance their sustainability program - and then turn them into reality. For LinkedIn, sustainability is not just a box to check off. They started small by connecting one building to BuildingOS, then a handful, and then an international portfolio as they keep expanding their goals and initiatives. Their approach is comprehensive - they believe buildings should be sustainable, but so should the people that occupy them. Their approach has led them to optimize their net-zero buildings, identify faulty equipment, run office competitions to reduce energy use, and more