Lucid customers celebrate sustainability achievements with Earth Day activities

May 3, 2018

By Abby Karp

While there’s a central business case to make around energy reductions and sustainability initiatives, this is also a case that just feels good. These stories about how Lucid’s customers are celebrating sustainability achievements around Earth Day (and beyond) are a great reminder about how little changes can lead to a big long-term commitment from companies—and all of the individuals these companies touch.

Millersville University

Every Earth Day, this school aims to educate its students, faculty and staff about the school’s big efforts in sustainability. This year’s event included an open house where visitors got a behind the scenes tour from the architect of the new Lombardo Welcome Center that got into the details around the institution’s first zero energy building. The campus Earth Day festivities culminated in the Sustainability Champion Awards, a celebration of University departments and organizations driving efficiency into the future (congrats to the awardees!).


This April, LinkedIn's held its first large-scale energy competition. The corporate competition pitted 12 South Bay buildings against one another to see who could reduce energy use by the largest percentage. The winning building saw energy reductions of 9.6% during the competition. Of course, everyone wins with a competition like this. After all, the annualized savings generated from the competing buildings is the same as that produced by 120 households.


Earth Day proved an excellent time for Synopsys to highlight building performance, as well as general sustainability tips, through its new green building dashboard. This interactive application encourages employees across to take time to learn more about what is being done to reduce energy, water and waste in their building--and how they can support those green initiatives through their daily actions.

Dickinson College

Pennsylvania’s Dickinson College celebrated a major reduction in carbon usage at the end of its three-week Residence Hall Electricity Competition with a bonfire that brought students together. Each of the campus’ 15 residential buildings competed to achieve the largest percentage energy reduction from the baseline measured before the challenge. Through the competition, students learned to pay closer attention to turning off lights and powering down devices not in use, and adjusted their routines to reduce use of HVAC, laundry machines and other equipment. All told, the students reduced residential carbon usage by 16,703 pounds. Way to go, Red Devils!

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District

District students amped up the education and entertainment at the annual Tahoe Truckee Earth Day Festival with the return of the Trashion Show. The students made garbage glam by using repurposed materials to build awareness around the importance of recycling (and, of course, highlight their unique sense of style). This is a style that we can get behind.

Abby Karp

Abby joined Lucid’s marketing team in 2014 after conducting research on the decision-making processes of environmental behavior. Abby graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Environmental Studies and Conservation Psychology.