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Our service partners provide customers with an enhanced ability to transform building data into action, and impact their building portfolios' performance. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure the information delivered by BuildingOS presents actionable insights and allows them to track performance impacts.

Our Service Partners

Join the many companies that have found success in delivering services to customers in partnership with Lucid.

  • Implementation partners help our customers get up and running with BuildingOS by providing the setup, configuration, and training.
  • Integration partners help customers connect devices and building management systems to the BuildingOS platform.
  • Energy engineering partners use their energy expertise to help our customers transform insights into action.
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BuildingOS Service Partners
BuildingOS Premier Services Provider

What’s in it for you?

Over 500 customers are managing more than 1.5 billion square feet. As a partner, you become a premier services provider to those customers.

  • Leverage BuildingOS expertise to discover new energy initiatives and gain additional visibility for customers.
  • Enhance your services offering with access to more data and additional visibility for your customers.
  • Take advantage of marketing initiatives to educate and share expertise with not only our customers, but also our prospects via webinars, eBooks, infographics, and live events.
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<p>— Duane Kubischta, Senior Energy Engineer, kW Engineering

“With Lucid’s BuildingOS, I have easy access to building and energy data, allowing me to dive into identifying energy savings for a customer quickly.”