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Success Story

American University emerges as a leader in resource efficiency

American University has an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2020. With a recently expanded campus, to reach their goal they are investing in renewable energy, improving building operations, and educating the campus community about energy efficiency.


American University started working with Building Insights in 2010 so they could have a platform to help run energy competitions on campus. While they continue to run successful energy reduction competitions, they also expanded their use of Building Insights in 2015 for use as an analysis tool for resource use across campus facilities. Energy data is reviewed on a weekly basis and water data on a monthly basis. Instead of receiving and analyzing data in spreadsheets, a cross-departmental team now uses Building Insights to monitor building schedules, identify low-performing buildings, and prioritize efficiency projects.

Building Insights provides outstanding graphic visualization of our metered data that teaches us about building schedules and helps us prioritize and evaluate our projects, allowing us to really learn what works and what doesn't.

— Ruby Tavernier, Utilities Outreach Program Leader, American University


  • Going beyond low-hanging fruit to identify hidden savings opportunities to meet carbon neutrality goal
  • Enhancing visibility into building operations and energy initiatives
  • Raising awareness of and expanding sustainability program efforts for students


  • Used Building Insights Heat Maps to identify heating & cooling use during unoccupied hours in 5 buildings, with annual savings of $17k in one building alone
  • Engaging students to conserve energy through competitions’ real-time visualization of the impacts of their efforts, and highlight success and green features
  • Ensuring widespread access to building data for a variety of individuals - Utilities Manager, BAS Technicians, Energy Manager, Sustainability Manager, students, faculty, and other staff