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Success Story

Carleton College expands building data visibility to improve performance

Carleton College has ambitious resource reduction and sustainability goals. They initially started using Lucid’s facility management system to help engage their students with their energy initiatives, but have evolved to use BuildingOS across teams for improved building and energy management.


For public access, Carleton's team set up a dashboard where anyone can view and compare campus energy and water data. BuildingOS access is used by facilities and sustainability staff to dive into the data and run more detailed reports, as well as accessed by students and faculty who use the data for class projects. Half of Carleton College’s meters in BuildingOS draw 15-minute interval data from Carleton's centralized Building Energy Management System. With this granularity of data, they can check the status of their buildings portfolio daily, automate weekly reports of building performance, and respond more quickly to unexpected resource utilization.

There's so much data and so little time to process and analyze that data, and that's part of why we invested in Lucid. We needed to get some clarity from our data, not only to capture it, but also to find answers inside of it.

— Martha Larson, Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability, Carleton College


  • Managing data from 103 buildings across 5 different systems
  • Identifying system failures as they happen instead of delayed by several weeks or months
  • Engaging students and staff in their campus’ sustainability efforts


  • Creating and automating routines to check meter statuses and evaluate each building’s performance
  • Identifying an error with their Siemens BMS integration and how it processed pulses
  • Understanding how to use the intricacies and comparisons of building energy use to improve performance
  • Using Load Profile and Heat Map applications to identify irregular building and system schedules