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4 ways your organization can celebrate Earth Day 2018

April 11, 2018

By Abby Karp

Earth Day is no longer the one day a year where companies step up their green game. Instead, it has become an opportunity for organizations everywhere to broaden their message and show support for specific environmentally-friendly achievements.

GreenBiz found that most organizations tend to recognize Earth Day in one of four ways, but there’s no limit to the creative avenues this recognition can take. The key for many companies is to focus on specific areas of improvement, and specific steps for affecting change.

Although Earth Day falls on a Sunday this year (April 22), consider holding an event the Friday before or Monday after, or even celebrating a whole Earth Week. Take a tip from these organizations by celebrating Earth Day 2018 in a way that can make a difference all year long.

1. Hold an event on-site.

It’s easy to understand how a large corporation or group of people can impact the environment; sometimes it’s harder for a person to believe that a single action on their part can make a difference as well. Earth Day is a prime time to host a learning fair, educational session or other event. An on-site event not only builds familiarity with how your brand does green, but gets employees and the community thinking about the simple steps they can take to reduce their impact on the planet.

Solar Energy World knows Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to push consumers to think about the FAQ behind switching to renewable energy. The solar developer is hosting an educational seminar that explains how switching to solar power may be simpler than imagined.

And Hotel Felix Chicago is encouraging guests to bring more than proof of ID when checking in for their stay. By bringing evidence of steps taken to reduce their carbon footprint, guests can save 22 percent.

2. Support a day of community service.

There’s perhaps no better way to drive sustainability programs forward than by taking green action in your local community. That’s why environmental champion REI is encouraging volunteers across California to help clean 40 state parks. The 20th annual Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup will tackle projects from removing graffiti to uprooting invasive plants, as well as maintaining trails and campgrounds.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is celebrating Earth Day by supporting volunteers from the University of Washington and local companies as the organizing sponsor of the 3rd Annual Fishackathon. Volunteers will be studying technology-driven solutions to overfishing in the oceans.

3. Create (or recognize) a "green team".

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to push your company further into the green, turn the task over to those who feel most passionate about these steps. Tasking a corporate Green Team with ways to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and educate their colleagues on ways to conserve energy at the office is an excellent way to make a difference on Earth Day—and beyond.

4. Recognize environmentally friendly achievements.

Ultimately, Earth Day should be a celebration of a year of environmentally friendly practices. That makes April 22 a great time to recognize year-long individual efforts to improve corporate sustainability and energy-efficiency.

As corporate sustainability gains traction across the country and globe, many people are familiar with common ways to reduce their carbon footprint. So this year, consider using Earth Day not just to encourage a day of positive action, but to promote lasting behavior change as well.

What will you do to celebrate Earth Day 2018?

Abby Karp

Abby joined Lucid’s marketing team in 2014 after conducting research on the decision-making processes of environmental behavior. Abby graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in Environmental Studies and Conservation Psychology.