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Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) announces a 2017 winner!

May 25, 2017

CCN recently wrapped up and we’re excited to announce the results. Over the course of 3 months this spring, 20 organizations ran electricity reduction competitions as part of CCN. Collectively, participants saved over 450,000 kWh — equivalent to averting over 700,000 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere or avoiding the electricity use of 47 homes for a year. Combined, over the span of their 3 week competitions, these reductions saved organizations more than $40,000.

During CCN 2017’s competition season, participating organizations hosted three-week building versus building competitions. In each competition employees, students, faculty, and staff competed to reduce energy and water usage in their buildings. Using Building Insights and Storyboards, participants were able to instantly compare performance, track standings among buildings, and share their strategies for reducing.

For the first time, the CCN 2017 competition was open to all types of organizations instead of just higher education institutions. The handful of companies and K-12 school districts that participated demonstrate the importance of engaging building occupants in energy conservation across industries - it’s not just for college students.

And the Winner Is...

In the expanded competition field, there was still only room for one organization to take home first place.

We’re excited to announce Dickinson College as the official winner of this season’s CCN competitions with the greatest percent reduction. Dickinson’s 16 participating buildings averaged electricity savings of over 21%. Every building but one reduced its electricity use over the course of the 3 week competition period.

While a record percentage of participating organizations saw positive savings from their competitions, two other organizations ran competitions we would like to highlight:

Gonzaga University saved the greatest amount of kWh - nearly all the buildings on their campus participated, saving over 250,000 kWh. That’s the third highest kWh savings of any CCN participant since the competition program began in 2010!

St. John’s University donated their savings to a local charity - they saved over $4,000 in electricity costs and donated that amount to a local non-profit, Bread for Life. Starting in 2015, they’ve approached the competition as a fundraising challenge as well as a peer energy competition, adding a unique (and seemingly effective!) twist to a typical competition.

The combined results of CCN 2017 are truly impressive, and are a testament to the essential ‘human’ aspect of energy savings. People often overlook the capacity we have as individuals to reduce resource use in our own buildings, instead focusing solely on the buildings themselves.

"Participating in Building Insights' Campus Conservation Nationals engaged Gonzaga's community with energy conservation and efficiency measures," says Jim Simon, Director of Sustainability at Gonzaga University. "In the process, we are both saving money and raising awareness about changes we all have to make to truly care for our common home."

"Each CCN competition serves to demonstrate and remind us of the direct, tangible effect people can have on their buildings’ energy use,” says Ralf VonSosen, VP of Marketing at Building Insights. “Building energy data isn’t meant to be looked at in a vacuum by facilities managers - building occupants are an essential component to every energy management strategy.”

Congratulations to all the CCN 2017 participants on a job well done!