Energy Hero: Ruby Tavernier, energy conservation and management

July 27, 2017

Energy Heroes are the people who work tirelessly each day to help curb energy use to reduce carbon impact on the environment and increase their organization's savings. In this series, we highlight different Energy Heroes, to both inspire you and impart useful best practices.

Last week, we profiled the successes of Anna Klovstad, the Sustainability and Project Supervisor at Tahoe Truckee School District. This week, we commend Ruby Tavernier and her team for their ongoing efforts toward carbon neutrality at her university.

Who is she?

Ruby is the Utilities Outreach Program Leader at American University. As an integral member of the Energy and Engineering team at American University, Ruby works with her team to help the university achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2020.

Ruby is passionate about weaving energy conservation into as many aspects of her job as she can because, in her words, “Saving energy is a win-win for everyone. Energy reduction saves money, but in the big picture we’re helping the environment.”

What’s her energy story?

Ruby and her team have three focus areas in their work: saving money, helping the environment, and educating the public. They use BuildingOS to assist with all three. The heatmap application with its hourly resource breakdowns enabled her to immediately pinpoint unnecessary energy usage, for instance, which reduced the kW demand in one building from 123 kW to 32 kW.

Lucid also serves as a communication tool to help Ruby in her broader education efforts. Graphs of building resource consumption across the campus keep students engaged with their usage and impact. By tapping the collective efforts of the university, Ruby is setting the bar high for other universities to emulate.

What’s Ruby’s inspiration?

“Especially in our time when climate change is already underway, I love helping to make a difference; I want to help educate people any way I can so they can understand that saving energy is a win-win for everyone.”

Ruby and other energy heroes are transforming energy management for their organizations. If you know someone who should be an Energy Hero or want to share your own story, contact us at

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