Best Practices in Real-Time Energy Monitoring

February 21, 2017

Energy Star estimates that 30% of energy consumed by U.S. commercial buildings is wasted. Is your company wasting energy (and money)?

Lack of real-time visibility into energy use is often the culprit. Join Lucid and Buildpulse to see how real-time data can help you find opportunities to reduce waste and find significant savings. We will tackle both tactical actions, and strategic decisions, as we look at the bottom-line impact real-time energy data can provide.

During this session, we'll showcase real-world strategies for leveraging data to save. And answer top questions building managers are asking including:

  • Which energy reports should I be looking for? How often?
  • What information do I need to manage peak demand charges?
  • How do I optimize building scheduling, and control energy use?
  • Do I need alerts triggered by real-time performance?
  • How much information is enough? Or too much?

Start on your journey to real-time energy monitoring - view video!