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The Practical Guide to Transforming Energy Data into Better Buildings

Are you dealing with vast amounts of building data spread across various reports, spreadsheets, and in multiple formats?

Successful building operations requires a keen understanding of all data points, from every source, utility, sensor and occupant. It requires an integrated, centralized, normalized view of data to discover insights and make improvements. Unlocking the power of data gives you the power to run better buildings. But, where to start?

In this eBook Building Insights and Urjanet define 8 essential steps to centralizing building data so you can discover new insights and implement changes that drive results. We believe the heart of intelligent buildings is data. Let us show you how to discover it and utilize it for success. You’ll read about:

  • How to set data-informed goals
  • How to inventory data sources and organize them into useful pieces of information
  • How to gather insights from data visualizations
  • How to gather stakeholders around data to engage and inspire them to action
  • How to track your progress
  • How to share your success

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