BuildingOS is now part of Atrius, a brand within the Intelligent Spaces Group at Acuity Brands
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Manage disparate data within a single platform

Atrius® Building Insights aggregates critical data sets so that energy, sustainability, and facility teams spend more time optimizing building performance and less time managing data

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Harness the power of data

Rely on Building Insights comprehensive features to maximize data for better performance. The Building Insights energy management platform centralizes multiple data sources collected across various systems, including utility bills, submeters, renewable sources, IoT devices, work orders, assets, and APIs.

  • Data quality

    Data quality

    Leverage real time monitoring and alerting capabilities to identify gaps, spikes, and anomalies across high-value building management data streams.
  • Utility management

    Utility management

    Eliminate the labor-intensive process of managing utility data with Building Insights data import, normalization, baseline statistical models’ resource, and additional efficiency features.  
  • Emissions


    Reach your emissions reduction goals faster with custom reporting, rate structures, and increased data accuracy. 
  • Baseline models

    Baseline models

    Easily build baselines to model future resource use across dozens of variables and demand management. 
  • Analytics Engine

    Analytics Engine

    Identify savings opportunities throughout your portfolio by leveraging real time data, trends, and rich historical insight into complete building system performance.
  • Alerts


    Monitor resource utilization with campus-wide and building-specific load profile analysis, easy to read charts, and energy thresholds. 
  • Scheduling & Delivery

    Scheduling & Delivery

    Receive real time and scheduled email reports plus PDF print-ready readouts to share with stakeholders.  
  • Localization


    We support the needs of global customers and partners through currency conversion, international automated utility bill conversion, organization-wide defaults for language, date and time formats, and units of measurement settings.
  • Access management

    Access management

    Building Insights is a collaborative tool designed with enterprise-grade access control features to deliver the right information with the right people in real time.

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