Simplify emissions tracking

BuildingOS provides an automated solution to access and organize data essential for emissions compliance reporting. Spend less time generating reports and more time hitting your reduction goals.

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Next-level emissions reporting

Accelerate your success toward emissions and sustainability goals with faster reporting and automated data management.

  • Centralize information

    Centralize information

    Centralize emission rate structures for a comprehensive view of your buildings’ emission rates, custom rate structures, and U.S. EPA eGRID standard rates.
  • Ensure accuracy

    Ensure accuracy

    Emissions and sustainability reporting require accurate, normalized data across your portfolio. Data automation within the BuildingOS platform organizes rate structures, emissions standards, and utility data so you generate faster, more accurate reports.
  • Customize reports

    Customize reports

    Stop wasting time searching for custom rates and doing manual calculations. Easily create reports with standard eGRID rates and custom rates for all resource types.
  • All the data you need in one platform

    All the data you need in one platform

    Engage stakeholders on your emission and sustainability goals through visually intuitive storyboards or scheduled reports for administrative and finance teams.
  • Link your utility accounts

    Link your utility accounts

    Through our partnership with Urjanet, a leader in utility data management, we’ll get your utility data linked directly to BuildingOS, giving you more time to spend on the next big project.
  • Integrate ENERGY STARPortfolio Manager

    Integrate ENERGY STARPortfolio Manager

    Easily compare building performance against benchmarks set through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager with our seamless API integration.

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