BuildingOS Facility Management Software

Unlock a unified view of operating performance across assets, work orders, and operations with our facility management system

  • Facility Management System

Get visibility into operations

  • Centralize operations and maintenance data across your portfolio
  • Integrate asset, work order, energy, and IoT data
  • Understand asset conditions and operating trends
  • Make the business case for better operating strategies

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Facility Management System in action
Facility Management Software O&M decisions

Improve O&M decisions

  • Evaluate the true total cost of ownership of your facility and assets
  • Compare performance across your portfolio to refine O&M strategies
  • Operate equipment more effectively to avoid unnecessary costs

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Reduce Capital Costs

  • Proactively plan for asset replacement before catastrophic failure
  • Identify best performing assets to make data-driven procurement decisions
  • Understand cost of unexpected repairs to justify preventative maintenance budget

See it in action

Facility Management System capital cost reduction
<p>— Ian LaHiff, Energy Project Manager at the City of Orlando</p>

“Lucid has been instrumental in the City of Orlando’s ability to understand the unique types of data necessary to illustrate our total cost of ownership for city facilities. As we move toward Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s goal of producing all municipal energy from renewable resources by 2030, it’s critical we accurately account for inventory and share this information to engage building occupants and residents.”

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