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BuildingOS provides a cost effective solution for leading organizations to reduce operational costs while helping their customers optimize building performance.

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  • Consultants


    Help clients track and measure ROI for your energy audits and recommendations. Use the automated IPMVP Option B or C engine with a stand-alone project application or our award-winning card-based dashboard framework.
  • Energy Service Companies

    Energy Service Companies

    Confirm success on energy savings projects, retrofits, and infrastructure upgrades with automated utility bill integrations.
  • System Integrators

    System Integrators

    Prioritize complex challenges and priorities with native integrations to centralize and automate reporting and data analysis that optimize team resources.
  • Utility Program Administrators

    Utility Program Administrators

    Leverage the BuildingOS reporting engine and visualization platform to help companies comply with energy efficiency mandates and legislation.

The BuildingOS Partner model is a practical way to centralize and automate building-related activities in a single platform.

  • Dynamic Reporting Capabilities

    Dynamic Reporting Capabilities

    Customize reports to monitor energy performance, emissions, utility data, or access deep dive dashboards for a bird’s eye view of total building performance. Automatically send dashboards to your customers or enable digital sharing within the platform.
  • Project Measurement & Verification

    Project Measurement & Verification

    Automatically track, verify, and report on capital project payback and ROI. Leverage industry-standard verification protocols to configure baselines for temperature, humidity, HDD, CDD, and occupancy.
  • Improved Data Quality

    Improved Data Quality

    Solve building and energy data management challenges with automatic real-time updates on data quality, gaps, uptime monitoring, meter statuses, and more.
  • Robust Integrations

    Robust Integrations

    BuildingOS integrates with popular data sources. Our built-in integration to Energy Star Portfolio Manager automatically pushes and sends emissions compliance reporting.
  • Occupant Engagement

    Occupant Engagement

    Support stakeholder engagement goals by showcasing energy conservation measures on shareable Storyboards, digital signage, public kiosks, or through email.
  • First-class Security

    First-class Security

    Meet your clients’ needs for stringent enterprise security requirements with advanced user permission and management abilities, data encryption, and compliance with GDPR and SOC2.
  • Localization


    Automatic currency and utility bill conversion features and default organization settings for language, date & time format, and unit of measure simplify implementation for global clients.
  • Customer Success & Onboarding

    Customer Success & Onboarding

    Inspire and empower your customers by introducing the team of project managers, integration engineers, and customer success managers behind the BuildingOS platform.
  • Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts & Notifications

    Automatic alerts and notifications let your clients focus on priorities most impactful on their goals and success.
  • ID & Access Management

    ID & Access Management

    Maintain the right level of user access with advanced permission management tools.
  • Data Warehousing (API)

    Data Warehousing (API)

    Leverage a modern, secure REST JSON API incorporated by BuildingOS partners and end users.

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